The first years mipump breast pump review

The First Years miPump Breast Pump Review

The First Years miPump breast pump comes in both single and double versions. As far as breast pumps go, The First Years miPump is fairly inexpensive compared to some other breast pumps from manufacturers like Medela, Avent or Lansinoh but, as my mother taught me, you get what you pay for.

This is not to downplay this breast pump, but based on our own review and reviews of others that we have gone thru, there are better breast pumps out there for sale.

The positives. This is a small and easy to use pump that is very affordable. It’s simple to assemble with only a few small parts to attach before it’s ready to be utilized. It can be powered up by 4 AA batteries or it can be plugged into the wall.

The soft fixable shield is comfortable and ensures a proper fit. There are 8 different suction levels that are easily adjustable at the push of a button, and the First Years miPump Breast Pump is pretty quiet as well. The Breast Pump connects directly into breast flow bottles for easy storage and clean up.

The First Years miPump Breast Pump comes with a cute tote bag to carry it with you for whenever you need it.

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The First Years miPump Breast Pump Review and Ratings From Moms Like You.

The ratings and reviews of the The First Years miPump Breast Pump have not been as good as some of the others that we have reviewed for you. In percentage terms, the ratings have been as follows:

Only 58% of Moms would rate this pump as a 4 or 5 star breast pump.

One third or 33% of Moms gave it a 2 star or less rating.

The biggest concern that we came across is that the The First Years pump motor is not strong enough or efficient enough for a breast pump to do a great job and empty the breasts. In addition, a number of Moms found that this pump was irritating to their breasts as well.

The Bottom Line On The First Years miPump Breast Pump

The best thing that this breast pump has going for it is the affordability of it. If you are on a very tight budget and can’t afford anything more expensive, then this might be the right choice for you. If you can afford something a little more expensive than the First Years miPump Breast Pump, then we would suggest that you take a look at the models from Ameda, Medela or Lansinoh as an alternative choice.

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