Snoozer dreamweaver goose down pregnancy pillow

The Snoozer Dreamweaver Goose Down  Pregnancy Pillow Review

In the event that you are looking for a really great body pillow for your pregnancy, and you have been used to sleeping on down pillows only, there is a pregnancy pillow, the Snoozer Dreamweaver Goose Down Pregnancy Pillow available that is down filled. Down is a natural insulator that comes from ducks and geese. Down has been used for years all around the world in the construction and manufacture of not only pillows, but in bedding comforters and in outdoor clothing.

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There are a large number of people who honestly believe that there is nothing more comfortable, light and fluffy than down products. In their minds, and possibly rightfully so, there is no other material natural or man made that can stand up to the benefits of a natural duck or goose down product.

I am not here to dissuade you are to try to change your mind. I have been sleeping on the regular variety of down pillows for my whole life. I also alternate between a summer and winter down filled comforter as my main source of bed covering. I have to agree that in the case of bedding materials, down is a hard number to beat even with the newest and greatest man made alternatives.

So, if you are one of those down lovers when it comes to sleeping aids, the down filled pregnancy pillow from Snoozer will probably be what you are looking for. This pregnancy pillow is filled with a minimum of 80% white goose down, the best type of down that there is. It is a full body pillow in the basic J shape which follows the natural shape, form and contours of your body. Full body J shaped pillows offer tremendous versatility with the ability to bend and curve them however you like in order for you to get the most comfort out of it.

The only downside with this Snoozer Dreamweaver pregnancy pillow is the cost versus other comparable non down filled maternity pillows. At a cost of about $150, these are not cheap, but they are down filled. If you love down and can’t do without it then this is the pregnancy pillow for you. Whatever you decide, don’t wait until the last minute in order to get your pregnancy pillow. Order one right away and have it available to you for when you will be needing it.

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