Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump

Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump

There are many women who prefer to use a manual breast pump over an electric version which is totally understandable.  It’s all about personal choice, and when it comes to the choice of a manual breast pump, The Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump is one of the best choices out there. The Phillips Avent Twin Electric Breast Pump is one of the best electric versions of breast pumps, and the Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump is in the top tier of the manual versions. Phillips Avent has been researching, testing and manufacturing these pumps for a very long time and they are well known throughout the world for making high quality products.

So the biggest question that seems to get asked by women is why would you want to have an electric pump versus a manual pump or vice versa? Well the truth is that it all depends upon you. Although in general terms an electric pump will express more milk in a shorter amount of time than a manual one, for many women they just happen to find that the manual versions are gentler on their bodies. This is the main issue. It’s an issue about comfort, and some women are just a whole lot more comfortable using the manual pump versions as they can control the pumping speed and rhythm more to their liking.

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In some cases, the manual versions of a breast pump will just not do the job well enough. They will not draw out enough milk that is necessary for the baby. In that case, you need to look at the electric versions of breast pumps but you will never know for sure unless you try a manual pump like the Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump.

The Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump utilizes their 5 petal soft massaging cushion that gently massages your breasts to get the milk flowing. Using the manual pump that fits nicely in your hand, you can control the speed and the force of the pump to suit you in the most comfortable and natural way. Just as if your baby was at your breast.

The Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump is lightweight so that you can take it along with you wherever you go. No need to worry about batteries, wall outlets car adapters etc. It is ready when you are. It is also a very simple machine to clean as it it so uncomplicated. The Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump is also BPA free as Phillips Avent is concerned about your child’s safety.

Other Mothers And The Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump

From all of the reviews and critiques that I have come across on the Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump, most are favorable. Slightly more than 70 per cent of the reviews from other nursing mothers have found this Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump to be a good device, rating it at 4 stars or better. The favorable ratings included comments such as it was very simple to use, that it provided plenty of suction power and that it was quiet unlike the electric versions of breast pumps.

For the nursing mothers who didn’t rate the Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump as favorably, the main concern was that the suction wasn’t strong enough. There were also a few concerns over the squeakiness of the unit when in use.

My Conclusion on The Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump

The suction issue is the same issue that I come across with every breast pump, electric or manual. There is definitely a suction advantage when it comes to the electric versions over the manual versions of breast pumps. The only way to know for sure whether a manual breast pump will supply enough suction for you is to try one, as there is no other way. Every woman’s body is different, and what works for one may not work for the other. Being that these units are so inexpensive, I suggest that if you have surely decided on a manual breast pump, then try a Phillips Avent Manual Breast Pump and see how it works for you.

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