Leachco all nighter total body pregnancy pillow review

Leachco makes such a complete line of pregnancy pillows that if you cannot find one from them, then you might as well stop looking. The Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow is an unusual pregnancy pillow. It has two different shapes for support. Looking at it, it has a shape in the form of a candy cane. The three different shapes of this pillow work on different parts of the body yet combine to work together and help you get a good nights rest. Leachco Pregnancy Pillows has deliberately designed it this way.

The head section is wide and long. There is a shorter wider section that helps with upper body support. The middle section of the pillow is a longer and rounder section which helps with your shoulders, back legs and butt. It’s long enough for you to tuck between your legs or knees which will help you relieve some of the strain from your hips and back.

The uniqueness of this J shaped pillow gives you options and flexibility. Replacement covers are also available for this pillow although due to the unusual shape, we have heard there is a bit more difficulty in putting the covers back on after washing or changing them.

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