Hot flashes and night sweats relief with chilipad

Hot flashes and night sweats relief with chilipad

Night sweats and hot flashes at bedtime are a problem for many pregnant women. This problem is not only a pregnant woman’s issue as there are many non pregnant women and men who suffer from it as well.

In addition to the pregnancy issue with women, there are many a number of different causes for night sweats. Hormonal changes and menopause in women,  illnesses including cancer, hormone disorders or even from certain other medications such as anti depressants that a person may be taking.  What ever the cause is, Hot Flashes and Night Sweats are an unpleasant issue which can cause major disruptions to your sleep patterns.

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There are many different suggestions from  people on how to best tackle this issue. From personal experience, I can only say for sure that there has been one method that has worked for me

The method that has worked for me has been the purchase of an electronically controlled mattress cooler called The Chilipad.  Using a technology that runs a small amount of water through silicone tubes, this Chilipad mattress pad can be adjusted to keep the bed at a temperature of choice between 46 degrees and 118 degrees.  The tubes are encased in a mattress type pad so even if you have it set down to 46 degrees, it really isn’t that cold. The water is cooled down that low but you are comfortable, not freezing cold as the tubes are insulated. Using separate remote controls for both sides of the bed, you can cool it down or heat it up depending upon how you feel. It works remarkably well and all so simply. You will feel the difference in a cooler bed instantly. In addition to the cooling properties, you can also warm up your bed with the same device at the touch of a remote control. Whether or not you are pregnant, the advantages that this device offers are huge. In the summertime you can turn up the thermostat in your bedroom and save on electricity, and in the winter months you can lower the same thermostat and save energy there as well. I still wasn’t convinced until I actually used this product and a two year warranty gives me confidence that this product will last. If you are suffering from Hot Flashes and night sweats and are seeking relief, there is an answer.

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