Gender determination how you can influence it

Gender Determination-How You Can Influence It

Do you and your spouse have your sights set on giving birth to either a baby boy or a baby girl? Are you wondering if it is really possible in todays world to help determine the Outcome Of Your Childs Gender? Can you really do anything to effect the outcome of the pregnancy?

The answer is yes. There is a certain amount of influence that you can control that will help to determine the gender selection of your child to be. You can influence certain things that will improve your chances of having either a baby boy, or a baby girl, whatever you and your spouse decide you would like to have. The most important thing in having a baby is to have a healthy baby, and you wouldn’t want to do anything that could compromise the health of the baby.

There are safe methods that you can use to influence the babys sex determination through the use of natural methods. These methods are easy to implement, safe and do not cost you a lot of money. They are easy to follow and highly effective, although nothing is 100% guaranteed. You are merely influencing the odds in your favor.

Boy Or Girl, You Choose

The first way that you can influence the gender outcome of your baby is to have sex at the right time of the day depending whether its a boy or a girl that you want. For instance with boys, sex in the morning is best when the womans basal temperature is just right.

If you are already pregnant, the gender determination can still be influenced to a certain extent although I personally think that the odds are somewhat lowered at this point. With that in mind, you can still try to influence the outcome as you have nothing to lose. For baby girls, changing the mothers diet can make a difference. There are certain types of food that when eaten over the course of the pregnancy, it can change your bodys chemistry and PH levels. For a baby girl your body needs to be more acidic and you need to eliminate the foods that are more alkaline from your diet. The truth is if you plan from the start you have a much better chance of success.

There is a whole method to the madness of influencing the determination of your babys gender. These are completely safe, natural and easy to implement. If you are seriously trying to have either a boy or a girl, I strongly suggest that you give these methods a try. You really have nothing to lose, and you may just turn the odds from  a 50/50 chance to something much more in your favor.

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