Ergo baby carrier reviews

Ergo Baby Carriers

So you’ve had your baby and you are now looking into getting a baby carrier so that you can get out of the house with your little one and explore the world around you. One of the best choices when it comes to baby carriers is the Ergo Baby Carrier.  Ergo Baby Carriers have long been considered one of the best, if not the best baby carrier for your newborn infant. They have a very good reputation, perhaps the best in the business.

This is not to say that there are not other very good baby carriers or baby backpacks as some people call them on the market. There are some other great baby carriers out there, names that I’m sure you have probably heard of like Beco, Baby Bjorn, Kelty and Kokopax to name a few. These are all great solutions for having a backpack type of baby carrier for taking your baby or toddler along with you. The Kelty has a storage backpack built into it if that is what you are looking for. The Beco is pretty similar in form and function to the Ergo baby Carrier.

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Ergo Baby Carrier Pluses

Ergo carriers are known for their great ergonomics. What that means is that they are extremely comfortable for you to wear, with infinite adjustability while keeping your baby as close to you as possible. The Ergo puts the weight distribution on your hips rather than on your back so that it is easy to wear and take along your child with you for extended time periods without getting fatigued.

ErgoBaby has designed their baby carriers to be able to be worn in 3 different ways, or 3 different positions to carry your baby in the most comfortable way for you and your baby. Some people prefer to hold their babies in the frontal position, some people prefer to hold their baby’s on their back, and there is also the option to hold your baby in the hip position, although truthfully I can’t really say that I have seen moms or dads holding their babies in the hip position very often if at all. If you decide to hold your baby in the frontal position while in the Ergo carrier, please keep in mind that your baby won’t be able to face forward while in that position, but will only be able to ride facing you.

Ergo Baby Carrier Varieties

Ergo Baby offers a number of choices when it comes to their baby carrier products. Choices not only in the rainbow of colors that they offer but also choices in the type of materials that their baby carriers are constructed out of. One of the best choices in my opinion if it was me looking for a carrier would be the organic Ergobaby model. Made of all natural cotton and organic dyes, this is the one that I would consider being my favorite. They also make a baby carrier out of a polyester type of material that is more water resistant, and probably a good choice if you live in parts of the country where you get snowy wintery weather. Ergo also makes a nice sport model which is the lightest baby carrier that they make. It is geared for active parents who do a lot of outdoor activities such as hiking etc and it is a little bit lighter than the other models from Ergo Baby Carrier.

Beware Of Dangerous Counterfeit Ergo Baby Products

There have been reports of counterfeit Ergo baby carriers lately. It is essential that you make sure that you are buying from a trusted source such as as the counterfeit Ergo Baby carriers can be very dangerous. The following is one of the many reports that I have come across regarding the counterfeit issue of Ergo Baby carriers.   Counterfeit Ergos May Have Attachment Parents Unattached The Stir. Read of the dangers or just be safe and order your baby’s carrier at the link below from a trusted source.

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