Comfort-u total body pillow review

Comfort-U Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Comfort U Body Pillow is a pregnancy pillow designed by Jean Kelly, a registered nurse and it is very big. It utilizes a U shaped design with each side of the pillow measuring almost 5 1/2 long. This pregnancy pillow was designed to support and cradle your entire body from head to toe, regardless of what position you were in. Left side, right side or backside, your body will be supported and kept in perfect alignment so as to reduce all those aches and pains and to help you get a good nights sleep.

If size matters, then this is a decision that you have to take into account, whether being huge is a benefit or disadvantage for your particular needs. In addition, being so much pillow makes this one a bit more expensive than most. Overall, another good choice to consider.

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