Bed fan

Bed Fan

The Bed Fan is an interesting device that has helped pregnant moms suffering from night sweats. The Bed Fan was designed to help all sorts of people suffering from being hot at night, not just pregnant moms. The Bed Fan has helped many women  who suffer from night sweats whether it may be from pregnancy, medical conditions, menopause or just that you may naturally be a hot sleeper. The Bed Fan has also helped men who suffer from being hot at night.


The Bed Fan is not the only product to address the issue of hot sleepers and night sweats, although it may be the cheapest that we have found. Our favorite solution that we have found for night sweats is a bit more expensive but has many advantages over the Bed Fan. You can see it here at The ChiliPad Page.

As for the Bed Fan,it is a good alternative that may do the trick for you. The Bed Fan cooling solution is simply an adjustable fan that rests at the back of your bed and blows air between the sheets to keep you cooler at night. It does work on most beds although we have found that on beds with a foot board, it may be difficult to install. The manufacturer of the Bed Fan says that it can be placed between the mattress and the foot board but in our experience it may not work on all beds. The ChiliPad does. As we have said before The ChiliPad has several advantages over the Bed Fan but if you are on a tight budget then we suggest that you give the Bed Fan a try.

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